Entangled In Freedom:
A Civil War Story
Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks

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Book Description
Mom%27s Chocie Award

In Entangled In Freedom, main character Isaac is convinced that he must venture outside of Oxford, Georgia if he is to become a liberated slave.  Simultaneously, Abraham Green, slaveholder of Isaac, is concerned about the safety and security of the Green family and farmland during the War Between the States. How far will Abraham Green and Isaac travel with the Confederate States Army 42nd Regiment Georgia Volunteers?  Will Isaac be faced with friend or foe when he steps foot at Camp McDonald, the Georgia Military Institute training camp across from the well-known Lacy Hotel in Big Shanty, Georgia?  Will the family feuds in Tennessee between the Unionists and Confederates impact Isaac's lifelong dreams as he comes to terms that his entire world is entangled in freedom?

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