Entangled in Freedom: A Civil War Story
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Project Ideas:


Reference the hopes and dreams of Jeremiah, brother of main character Issac in the novel.  Name three political figures in the 20th and/or 21st Century who realized their forefathers hopes and dreams since the 19th century.


Teenage Patriot

Describe the communities of Oxford, Big Shanty and Cumberland Gap.  How are these communities similar or different in the eyes of main character Isaac.  Name the contributing factors in Isaac serving with the 42nd Regiment Georgia Volunteers CSA.  Write down your viewpoint about African-Americans serving with the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.


Math_Students_Entangled_In_FreedomResearch American Civil War History. Apply the Mark and Capture or another widely accepted methodology in determining the population of African-Americans present with the Confederate States Army during the American Cilvil War.  Estimate the percentage of African-Americans serving in different roles. (i.e. cooks, teamsters, musicians, scouts, etc.)

Send an email to info@entangledinfreedom.com to have your school considered in a special acknowledgment listings in the next novel of The Street Life Series Youth Edition.  Email should include your calculation(s) of the African-American population present with the Confederate States Army.  Also, the email must be sent from an official school email address which can be validated by a school administrator or teacher.

Social Studies: Geography

Explain the difference between the two phrases:

  • South of the Mason-Dixon Line and
  • 36-degrees-30-minutes latitude line

as it relates to American History.  Explain the context in which both phrases are used.
The General Locomotive


In both the Walt Disney movie titled The Great Locomotive Chase and the novel Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story, the events surrounding the Union's commandeering of the locomotive called The General are described.  Draw a picture of The General.

Which of the two phrases does Mrs. Fair use?  Why do you think she chose that particular phase?


The April 15, 1862 Public Laws of the Confederate States of America documents that "whenever colored persons are employed as musicians in any Regiment or Company, they shall be entitled to the same pay now allowed by law to musicians regularly enlisted. . ." 

Identify two songs referenced in the novel, Entangled in Freedom and create a 21st Century music remix. Post the song on YouTube and send the link to info@entangledinfreedom.com. The music remix will be posted on this website as long as the song is the clean version and can be enjoyed by a broad audience.  See the music remix example below.

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