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Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story
The Street Life Series Youth Edition

Enjoy the Story in HistoryTM

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting the Entangled In Freedom website.  I must say that researching the subject matter and collaborating with others has been educational and has transcended multiple boundaries.

In 2006 when I published The Street Life Series debut novel in the urban crime fiction series, there also was a desire and enthusiasm to pen a youth edition, a series that is educational and different.

Over the course of the years, I vetted several ideas about the youth edition to readers and individuals in the publishing industry.  Every time I would write a few chapters, the message did not resonate as relevant.  Throughout this time period, I lived by the wri
ters’ rule: “When in doubt, take it out.”  Therefore, for several years I set the youth series to the side.Sample cotton ball picked by fictious character Teco Jackson

Then in 2009, when I released my third novel in The Street Life Series entitled Is It Rags or Riches?, a fan asked, “Why did you choose my favorite Street Life Series character, Teco Jackson, to travel to my hometown of Dublin, Georgia? How does Teco end up picking cotton and getting introduced to the topic of the American Civil War by supporting character Mr. Green? I shared that the initial intent of sending West Philly native Teco Jackson to a southern town was to provide a new life experience for Teco.
However, I saw this as a great opportunity to pen an historical fiction youth edition that is relevant and will positively contribute to American literature.  Therefore, I collaborated with someone who was born and raised in the south to map out with me how the Green family in Is It Rags or Riches? was bequeathed their family farm.
In turn, the co-author for Entangled in Freedom, Ann DeWitt, collaborated with a descendant of the 40th Regiment Georgia
Volunteers and historians from the Stovall History and Heritage Association.  During the course of research all paths led to main character Isaac, a slave, travelling with the 42nd Regiment Georgia Volunteers  from Oxford (Georgia), to Big Shanty (Georgia) and on over to Cumberland Gap (Tennessee) as a start to The Street Life Series Youth Edition.

Questioning the past to better understand the present, this work of faction/fiction is an area of the War Between The States which deserves to be discussed throughout the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War (2011-2015).  Our history is rightfully shared by our citizens regardless of race, creed, or gender.

When American Civil War history is broad brushed with a single stroke, we lose the rich heritage of regional untapped truths.  We can no longer chump-off other American family experiences as fable and myth.  We, The Street Life Series team, are dedicated in teaming with others to uncover more Civil War historical facts which have not been shared with the masses.
As an example, if I never co-authored this debut novel, I would have never known or drawn the correlation that renowned producer Spike Lee's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather made pistols for the Confederate States Army in Griswoldville, Georgia.1

Finally, let’s demonstrate to the world that we in the United States of America are no longer entangled in freedom.  Thank you.  Enjoy the story in history.

Kevin M. Weeks

1"Who Do You Think You Are: Crazy History." Web. May 10, 2010.
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